Milla og Martine

Mountain Climbers


Photo: Milla&Martine

Photo: Milla&Martine

Let’s continue with the sporty spice theme here. That rock you see there, in between two mountains, it was crazy scary to get up there. Only reason why I did it was because there was no wind, and well… we had to get the famous tourist picture. First and only time I will take a pic with the risk of falling down a 1000 meters. Where? Kjerag.


Author: kookyswank is a source of inspiration created by M&M

8 thoughts on “Mountain Climbers

  1. Ikke mer blogging? :(

  2. Lovely lovely pics!

  3. Amazing scenery! Great pictures…but I would have just shit my pants up there haha only spiders creep me out more than heights ;)

    xx, V

  4. Very well done, indeed!! :-)

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